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Approach to Care

Dr. Middleditch established his private practice to provide the highest quality of care to his patients. This involves longer visits, thorough assessment, and attentive care. He responds quickly to patients' phone calls and is available to handle urgent issues when they arise.

Most individuals seek treatment for specific problems, for example, depression, poor attention, relationship stress, etc. Dr. Middleditch seeks to understand both the patient's concerns and the person with the concern. Seeing the bigger picture surrounding a patient's symptoms allows for the best treatment.

The right treatment requires the right diagnosis. As such evaluations consist of two (and, if necessary, three) separate 50 minute visits. This attention to detail gives patients the assurance that nothing is being missed.



Services & Treatments Offered

  • Psychopharmacology (medications)
  • Psychotherapy, including psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches
  • Natural Medicines/Supplements
  • Consultations and 2nd opinions


Dr. Middleditch has extensive experience prescribing a wide variety of medications. Having completed training in 2005, he is up to date on the latest advancements in neuroscience and psychopharmacology. Patients with medical problems or a history of side effects to medication can take comfort knowing that they are seeing a psychiatrist who can attend to complicated needs. Likewise, Dr. Middleditch has successfully helped many patients with a history of "treatment-resistant" illness.

Natural Medicine

For milder symptoms, natural medicines and supplements can be very helpful. Often times, these medicines carry a lower risk of side effects. In addition, patients can rest assured that Dr. Middleditch recommends treatments based on scientific research.


Like medicine, talk therapy can be extremely valuable and helpful. It is not necessary to be "ill" to pursue therapy. Indeed, it takes courage to seek therapy. It enhances well-being, alleviates stress, and allows for better self-understanding. In Dr. Middleditch's experience, therapy allows patients to accept emotional difficulties, understand them, and move past them. Ultimately, it allows patients to become more the person they want to be.


Areas of Specialty